Gay Community Network

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Interested in making a difference? Want to be a source for support and hope? We are a team of LGBTQ not-for-profit websites in the Central Valley, and we are currently seeking leadership in the Los Banos area.

Imagine being able to help others in your community by being a resource and providing support. There are many who have no one else to connect with and may not know of safe locations or businesses that support them. Think of what a difference you could make with just a one hour a week and as short as a one year commitment!

By joining up, you become the local contact and help to inform others in your area about news, local actions and get togethers. We host the website and provide a content management system to you at no cost. You don't even need to have any website maintenance experience. If you can work inside Word, then you can post articles and be a help to others. Absolutely no cost!

If you are not interested in taking a leadership role, please contact us if you would like to write articles, profile businesses or help others in your area maintain their website. Remember, it takes a village!

Please contact us for additional information or to get started. Today could be the day you become the change you wish to see in the world!


Take a look at our current websites by visiting